Coming to practice...

Yoga Classes

Advance booking
The Mala Shala is located in our garden, so both parking and spaces are limited. So that we know how many students are coming, we require booking in advance for the half term. The cost of a Yoga class when booking in a block is £9. The cost of the block is typically £54 for 6 weeks, although it varies as the number of classes depends on the number of weeks in a half term. If due to illness or unforeseen circumstances you are unable to make your regular slot you can swap into another one. We will do our best to find you a space wherever possible. Because the Malashala is small and space is limited we cannot offer refunds or reductions. Please email us to check that there is a space available.

Trying a class
If you want to come and try a class before you book this can be arranged. There is a fee of £10. Please contact us to see if a space is available in the class you’d like to try. 

Paying the fees
You can pay by bank transfer if you wish, just ask us and we will send you the bank details. After you have transferred the money, let us know so we can confirm you're booking in your chosen class. You can join us mid-term if we have space, just ask. Cash or cheque is also fine, please bring it with you to your first class.

Supporting regular practice - Yoga top up classes
If you have signed up a half term block you are eligible for top up sessions to support your regular practice. Contact us the day before class and if there is space you can book in for a single class for a one off fee. Just bring cash on the day. The fee for a top-up yoga session is £10.

Find out about private tuition

Zen Sessions

Zen sessions run in the weeks that loosely match the local school terms. Contact us for dates and joining information. When you come to a Zen session you can pop a donation in the pot if you wish. If you are unsure what to donate - around £5 is what people usually give. Donations go toward the Mala Shala running costs and charities we are supporting.