Yasmin teaches yoga intuitively. She sees the practice as a powerful healing art and is dedicated to passing this on. She uses the forms of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Gentle Hatha yoga to make the practice appropriate for each individual and accessible to all.

She has trained extensively over the last twenty years, learning techniques and adjustments directly from her original teachers, who remain her mentors, and expanding her knowledge and experience of holistic yoga through the Devon School of Yoga, where she completed the teacher training and yoga therapy qualification. She continues to study regularly with her senior teachers and is committed to the life long path of practice, learning and sharing yoga with all.

She has taught students from all ages and backgrounds with varying health issues and diverse medical histories. She enjoys the creativity of making the impossible possible and encouraging students to explore yoga without limiting themselves. Her classes are friendly and welcoming and the environment is one of enthusiasm, sincerity, nurture and care.

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Boz began his study of meditation at age 16 as an apprentice of a Shingon Monk. He then studied with a variety of teachers from across the world - including Zen, Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Native American Wisdom, Shamanism, Aikido and Jujitsu. He continues to explore esoteric practices with his main teachers. He explores the nature of existence through daily moment to moment practice, and is dedicated to sharing this with others.

Boz holds the Zen meditation sessions at the Mala Shala. He also teaches in one to one meetings to explore Zen in greater depth.



To all our teachers, guides, mentors, healers, family and friends….

With special thanks to… 

Ginny Dean, Nancy Gilgoff, Tom and Maria Helsby, Duncan Hulin, Debbie Mills, Venerable Lobsang Namgyel, Gabby Pascoli, Dawn Eagle Woman, Emil Wendall, Michael Wood and Carole Zeal.



To Nancy Gilgoff for her teaching and support over the years, and to the House of Yoga and Zen in Maui - a special place of focus and warmth - the inspiration for the Mala Shala. (Photo from left to right - Cassy, Nancy, Vanessa, Keiko and one of the yogi kids who are welcomed in the shala)